We offer different types of facials to treat different skin concerns, like acne, skin texture or hyperpigmentation, and general signs of anti-aging.

We recommend getting a facial done every 6 weeks, or at least 4 times a year for healthy and radiant skin.

After your treatment, your face might appear flushed. If you are new to facials, you may also experience a small breakout.

European Facial

The European Facial, or Classic Facial, is the most popular and basic facial treatment. It’s suitable for most skin types and can be adjusted to treat different skin concerns. Bio-Therapeutic and PCA Skin products are used for this service.

The first step in a Classic or European Facial is to do a thorough cleanse to remove any old makeup and impurities from the skin. After using a cleanser, we’ll gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells.

After the cleansing step, we’ll use warm towels in order to steam the face. This will help open the pores and allow the products we use to be better absorbed by the skin. If acne is a concern, we’ll extract blackheads and whiteheads after the steam. This extraction process is optional, since it can leave the skin red and irritated.

Face Mask
We’ll choose a face mask that suits your skin concerns and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Face masks, depending on their purpose, can help with acne, dehydration, sun spots or hyperpigmentation, skin elasticity and signs of aging. Either way, this step will help to give the skin a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

It wouldn’t be a facial without feeling pampered! During the face mask step, we’ll massage the face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and upper chest area. Besides feeling completely relaxed, this step will help to relieve any stress and tension felt by the face and body.

Vampire Facial

The popular “Vampire Facial” is a combination of Microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. After drawing blood, the platelet-rich plasma is isolated and used as an injection. The platelets are injected back into the face to give a more youthful complexion.

Add-on Services

Microdermabrasion or LED Light Therapy can be added to a facial in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.